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Absolute ‘Must Do List’ for Success with Twitter

What? You’re NOT a Twit yet? OH! You are, but just not really sure how to use it properly. That is totally understandable. Not many people really do understand the power of Twitter yet. But, if you are reading this article, you most likely have already at least heard about Twitter, at least by name. It’s a small upstart that went ballistic to the point of contagiously viral a few years back. It uses a basic platform of sharing status messages among social networking Websites and cell phone texting services.

It has evolved into a major conduit for communications of sorts. And, from the look of it, it is no more a fad than social media. Users were tweeting about 5,000 times a day in 2007. By 2008, that number grew to over 300,000, and 2.5 million a day by 2009. As of last month, February 2010, there were over 50 million tweets per day – an average of 600 tweets per second. These tweet numbers are adjusted to reflect the removal of spam tweets. What this means is that life in cyberspace is coming of age and how we use it to our advantage will determine much of our success in the 21st century.

Now, about Twitter for those of you who are still learning about it, the whole platform for twitter was built around this simple question, “What’s happening?” The fun of it is that you only have 140 characters to tell the world (your world of followers) what is happening. The cool thing is that it really is convenient for people wanting to stay informed about what is going on with others to do so. Twitter is not just for business, but the business of tweeting is becoming big business. There are of course your fairly normal tweets that are the typical ‘on the fly’ day to day non-business tweets that keep our friends and family abreast of what we are doing. Here is an example of keeping friends and familiy of one Twit as an example:

‘Out of diapers. Going to pick some up.’
‘Just ran over our dog going to get diapers. The kids are going to hate me.’
‘Stopping by pet store to look for another dog that looks like our old one.’
‘Found a new Charlie at dog pound! Kid’s don’t know.’
‘All is well, except Charlie only answers to Susie!”

Yes, this was an actual flurry of tweets from someone I was following. And, then there are the really important ones like:

“The waves are great. Let’s meet at the pier in 15 minutes for a surf session!”

OK, the last one may be wishful thinking on my part right now since there are no waves right now and I am 80 miles inland at present, but you get the point that I am making here, right? Tweets are for what’s happening in your world that you want others to know about or where you want to communicate a specific message to a specific group that is important.

Where Twitter gets interesting is when you use it to build your personal or business brand. Twitter has by all accounts but by the dwindling words of the few naysayers that remain, become an important part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy for most anyone who is making or wants to make money online. Your “What’s happening?” answer is very important to you if this is your primary reason for using twitter. Do I think it’s important personally? Yes. I have five twitter accounts. I have one for personal use, and the rest for my targeted interests in business and public involvements.

If you want to positively affect your personal and/or business brand, here is an initial Twitter Must Do List that you want to be sure you use to answer the question, “What’s happening?” They the short version of my ‘Must Do List for Building Personal Brand with Twitter’ that is found in my eBook ‘How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand and Make Tons of Money,’ but they are still a great start for you if you are just getting started.

Tweet links to your personal articles or blog posts.  I am assuming that most of you who are reading this are visiting this Website and reading this blog post to learn more about how to be successful in your online marketing efforts. If that is the case, it goes without saying that if you are using a blog format for your personal or business Website, that you take the time to see that your content is quality stuff, and original if at all possible. That is why I coach on the importance of discovering what you are most passionate about in life and what your life purpose is. It is from this sort of personal understanding that you can write about what you know and are most passionate about. See my article entitled, “Writing a Blog that Makes a Difference”

Tweet links to reputable and safe Websites.  Your goal in building personal brand is to become a good source of good information or opportunity. All of the content that you provide others does not have to be your own content. If you work within the Success Alliance Team network, you already know about promoting other blogs and other peoples’ content as well as your own. If you are not a part of a cooperative marketing affiliation, I suggest that you find a few good blogs that have good content on subjects that you feel your followers would be interested in, that are not necessarily in direct competition with you or what you have to offer. By subscribing to these Websites where content is constantly updating, you can actively promote yourself as a good source of information by tweeting links to good information to your Twitter followers. It provides you the ability to have your tweets (you name) seen regularly by your followers, and associated with quality or thought provoking content.

Retweet the tweets of others.  Make it a practice to retweet (RT) worthwhile or pertinent information that is tweeted to you from someone you are following. The best retweets of course are those that share links to quality content of the individuals whom you personally know as being reputable sources of information. The absolute BEST retweets of those you are personally affiliated with. This is explained in detail in my eBook, ‘How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand and Make Tons of Money,’ but the gist of it is simply this. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Retweeting significant or notable quotes or statements made by someone of importance in an industry or niche market that you are a part of can be equally as impressionable in building your reputation as someone that is connected to smart people and quality content.

Be attentive to breaking news, and be the first to share it.   As an information driven society, our day to day lives, and the news of our lives and those around us moves at the speed of light. Anyone with a i-phone or Internet access can immediately broadcast breaking news to the world, where only a decade or so ago, most people would not hear about something that happened early in the day, until they watched the 6 or the 11 o’clock news. Fact is that we are no long a major media dependent society, but a society of media makers. People tend to look at news as it happens via their phones or the Internet LONG before the major networks report on it. The goal for you in tweeting breaking news to your followers is to build credibility of becoming a good source for noteworthy news on the topics that interest your followers the most.

Always be quick to Tweet a thank you to someone for sharing good information.  Have you ever done something for someone and they showed their appreciation in public by giving you credit for what you did for them? I know that most people do not live for this moment, but it is a good feeling when someone validates you in front of others. It is the same on Twitter, and it builds enormous good will with the person that has shared the information or article. When you do, us the ‘@USERNAME’ function to do so, so they get notice of it being done.

Don’t over do telling people about what you have to sell.  This is a huge mistake of many twits (I say twits in the most respectful way, speaking of those who tweet) when they get moving on Twitter and are trying to drive traffic to their Website. Don’t be sucked in by the ability to blast your product or service to all of your followers all of the time, unless you want to have ZERO followers.

Post tweets about up and coming events where you live.  Twitter has some really cool features, and one of them is that you can pull up tweets from any particular location that you want to follow tweets for. When you post up and coming events, it provides a service to the world in that particular city, and the result is that you will pick up more followers who will want to benefit from your ‘in the know’ about what’s happening where they live. Be sure to include the name of the city in your tweet otherwise people in that city doing a search on twitter by locale will not find it.

If you begin using these first seven basic marketing strategies for Twitter, you will begin to see your following grown as others pick you up from your followers’ lists of followers. By using this organic method that mixes personal relationship marketing and proactive communication with those who follow you, you will begin to see your list of followers grow as the value of what you have to share with the world begins to be seen.

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