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Building Your Brand Through Great Content

Brands take time to build. It’s just the way it is. Unless you have millions to invest, you must use more organic (and FREE) methods. There are a lot of ways to build brand, but one of the best and least expensive ways to do it is building your brand through great content. Building your brand through great content is not difficult to do. You simply need to know what you’re talking about, and know how to type (or pay someone to type for you).

Your marketing strategy (which includes your branding strategy) should never negate the power of providing good information to those in search of it.  The more you write on a subject that you know about, the more credibility as an authority on the subject you gain – which really bolsters your brand.  In an information driven society, you need a forum in which to share your knowledge.  Having a Website is one of the best places to do this since it is accessible from anywhere in the world that it is legal to access your Website.

People are searching for great Website content.

People are continually looking for information on subjects that both interest them and where they need to learn about something because of a problem they have.  When they do a search for information and your Website has it, you gain exposure.  Exposure is good when you are talking about Websites.  When you have good content, you get indexed and ranked high by search engines as more and more people visit your Website, comment on your content, and refer others to it.

Building your brand through great content can be a HUGE opportunity for you to gain local exposure to for what you have to offer.  If you are marketing locally and are listed with Google Places, you run a statistically higher possibility of being ranked the highest in your local market as a result of having great Website content. When you are ranked at the top, you get more visitors to your Website. The more visitors, the more exposure. The more exposure, the more customers you get.

How does Website content translate into real money?

As an example of a branding strategy using great content, let’s pretend you have a service-oriented business like a photography service.  You might consider building your content around the overall needs of those who would be looking for a photographer for a special event by writing about those things they might be searching for that revolve around those events.

For instance, as a wedding photographer, you might have a section on your website that provides a wedding planning service or at very least a check list for planning a wedding, or a review on possible honeymoon locations, or a section on wedding cake recipes, reception food ideas, alternative or how to do a wedding on a tight budget.

The list on topics that surround the need for photography services are as many as there are events in a person’s life, and each event or ‘potential market niche’ is a potential topic that you can have as a category of articles on your website – special events, family reunions, action and sports photography, remote photography services, real estate showcase photography, bank foreclosure property assessment photography, Anniversary celebrations, how to protect old photographs, make a scrapbook, or even passport photo requirements.  The list is almost endless on what people might search for online that has to do with photography, and by having content that covers the types of photography that you can provide, you position yourself as a potential service to those who are searching for information on these subjects.

You could even offer information on photography tutoring to people learning how to do photography. The goal here is to gain as much exposure to as many people as possible who search for information. The greater the visitor traffic, the higher your site is ranked, and the greater exposure you get.  When you become the go to sight on photography, you gain incredible exposure for your business when people in your area are searching for answers, and you have your content indexed and Website properly registered with major search engines.

Using this example, your Website will become the mecca for photography or event planning information, and when one of your loyal visitors or members of your Website ends up needing a photographer for a big job, like a wedding, family portraits, sporting events, graduation pictures, or any other kind of photography, they will call you over someone else.  This is because you have built the know, like, and trust factor with your prospects.  IF they know you, they will most likely like you, and when they like you, they will most often trust you.  People buy from those they know, like, and trust.  It is as simple as that!

How do I write great Website content?

Great content is really not that hard.  It’s nothing more than you enthusiastically, yet intelligently sharing your thoughts with readers in the same way you would sit across the table and share.  If you want great Website content, when you write content, write it with heart, passion, and purpose.  If you love the subject you write about, you will be energized by sharing what you know with others.  Become an educator.  Teach people what you know. Your brand recognition will explode when you begin to get noticed through online searches, whether those search results are for people looking for someone locally or globally.


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