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Out of the Rubble of Our Lives

Another lost job. Another failed relationship. Feeling like everything is falling apart or closer me in. Frustration. Painful memories. A spinning carousel of emotions that is out of control. Been there? You are most likely reading this for this very reason. I know that I have. So, let me be real here. Strip away the cancer of my outer “nothing phases me or gets me down” persona.

This is what I have learned from the ups and downs, the pain, the failures, and the setbacks of my life. There is nothing we have done or will ever do – including success in relationships or our public life – that will ever be lasting when it is not done with Christ in the center of it . When we live for ourselves and our own ambitions, appetites and desires, our lives and those around us that matter the most in our lives suffer for it.

The good news is that when we come to the end of ourselves and see the mess we have made of our lives, we are perfectly positioned before a loving God for something really beautiful to come out of all of our failures and broken-hearted lives. When we stop seeking after our own will and begin seeking after our heavenly Father’s will, we find God sitting on the edge of His throne with open arms for us to run into.

It is in this moment of Truth about ourselves when we see how our own ways will always end in disappointment, shame, pain, or grief. This is the point when we must make a choice to turn towards the One who created us. It is in this moment where we have come to the end of ourselves and our own ways that we surrender our broken hearts and broken lives to Him, and HE SHOWS UP.

When we surrender our lives to God, He is free to do what He does best – raise up a trophy for His glory out of rubble of our lives. When we surrender to His will and ways, He is able to call us to Himself so that we may fully know Him and His purposes for our lives. When we do, our Heavenly Father will give us all that we have need for to accomplish all that we were created for. In doing so, we will fulfill HIS purpose for our lives to our generation.

This is an awesome photo illustration that speaks to the reality of contrast between man’s best attempts to do something great without God in it, and what true creative greatness looks like beyond the walls we build around ourselves and our abilities. Even in man’s greatest attempts to do something great, without God in it, it amounts to nothing but rubble in light of what God’s best use of our time on earth can be.

Are you using your time wisely and seeing lasting fruit from your efforts? If not, consider where you derive the source of your inspiration, wisdom, abilities, and strength from.

When will we learn that the author of success is God? When will we give Him his rightful place in our lives that He desires? When will we learn that all things are possible if we put Him first in our lives – in every area of our lives? As we begin to give God His rightful place in our lives, the beginning of our greatest opportunities and success in life will show themselves.

Take a moment and let Him know that you want HIS best in your life and not your best. Whether it is your calling in life, your family life, your love life, or how you conduct yourself in your personal or private life, let Him know your needs and what you hope for. Our heavenly Father LOVES to bless those who come to Him in humility and fear (reverence).

This attitude before God is the key to saving your relationships, protecting your children (if you have any), saving your business or your career, and ultimately, leaving a legacy after your life is over that points those in and around your life to our Heavenly Father through the person of Jesus Christ. When you are laid to rest in the grave, what will the dash represent between the day you were born and the day you die? What will you have done that will last? It’s never too late to rise out of mediocrity and the rubble of your life’s failures, and experience God’s best for your life.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.

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  1. Micky Kakamosi

    Profound thinking and yet so easy to understand. Thank you for giving such encouragement along with the challenge to be better and more useful in the world.

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