Personal Development 

Out of the Rubble of Our Lives

Another lost job. Another failed relationship. Feeling like everything is falling apart or closer me in. Frustration. Painful memories. A spinning carousel of emotions that is out of control. Been there? You are most likely reading this for this very reason. I know that I have. So, let me be real here. Strip away the cancer of my outer “nothing phases me or gets me down” persona. This is what I have learned from the ups and downs, the pain, the failures, and the setbacks of my life. There is…

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Personal Development Sanctification 

Be Careful What You Hear, See, and Say

Have you ever wished that you could take these monkey’s lead in how you conduct yourself in life? I know I have. It’s like a moment frozen in time. Take speaking for instance. I am listening to someone or watching something, and before I realize it, I have opened my mouth, inserted my size 12+ foot in it, and just chewed on it for a while. Maybe you can related. If we want our lives to prosper even as our soul prospers, we must protect and nurture our soul. Here…

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They Do What We Do, Not What We Say

If we want to have real and lasting relationships with our children, we must be willing to be transparent with them about our own failures, flaws, and shortcomings – even our sins. Yes, it may leave a sting or even a wound that will take time to heal in their hearts until they learn what forgiveness looks like, but the lesson they will learn in taking responsibility for their actions in life will be the best lesson you can teach them.

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Love Success Tips – Play Together

There are probably thousands of love success tips that have been written or spoken over the centuries. Even Holy Scriptures have an abundance of time tested keys to building and maintaining a healthy love relationship. Applying all of the love success tips we here can be a real challenge. If they were easy, there would not be so many books written about how to keep love alive in relationships. Whether it is a love relationship or just a relationship with someone you want to be friends with, building healthy relationships…

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