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Real Life Accountability with Real Friends

My friend and former pastor Max Wilkins recently shared a photo of a small group of men with who he has been in a covenant relationship with for a few decades now. They came together to hold each other accountable to a life of service, integrity, and character – to God, to family, and to the world. This group of men made a pact some 26 years ago to get in each other’s faces and to live out what, King Solomon’s wisdom found in Proverbs speaks of Iron sharpening iron…

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Costly Mistake a Reminder of Seven Keys to Successful Crisis Resolution

  Oftentimes in business, mistakes are made that can be costly to a company, and crisis pursues.  These mistakes or oversights are not always made by people who are unskilled or inexperienced or who do not know any better, but many times by the very people you would expect to have seen and prevented such mistakes from happening in the first place.  It happens.  The most important thing that management must learn in those times when such mistakes happen is that there is a right way and a wrong way…

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They Do What We Do, Not What We Say

If we want to have real and lasting relationships with our children, we must be willing to be transparent with them about our own failures, flaws, and shortcomings – even our sins. Yes, it may leave a sting or even a wound that will take time to heal in their hearts until they learn what forgiveness looks like, but the lesson they will learn in taking responsibility for their actions in life will be the best lesson you can teach them.

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