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Real Life Accountability with Real Friends

My friend and former pastor Max Wilkins recently shared a photo of a small group of men with who he has been in a covenant relationship with for a few decades now. They came together to hold each other accountable to a life of service, integrity, and character – to God, to family, and to the world.

This group of men made a pact some 26 years ago to get in each other’s faces and to live out what, King Solomon’s wisdom found in Proverbs speaks of Iron sharpening iron (see Proverbs 27:17). All of these men live by standards rooted in the Judea-Christian belief system and as such have become positive role models to millions who seek out the truth and how to live more authentically and to be better human beings.

These men don’t rub shoulders for the sake of their egos or feeling important about themselves – either as a group or as individuals. They simply determined that they wanted to improve their game as men of integrity and avoid falling prey to the moral decay and corruption of our world.

If more men would have this sort of support and encouragement by “in your face” friends, I believe infidelity would come to an end, divorce would be a thing of the past, children would thrive, domestic violence would be vanquished, crime would be dramatically reduced, and even the direction and future of an entire nation would be positively impacted.

The fruit of my friend’s life and his determination to love and to serve others sacrificially is proof of the power of right associations and accountability.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe accountability is important for successful living?

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