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An uphill and challenging lifeLet’s face it. Life isn’t easy. Try as we might to do everything right in life, we all come face to face with hardships, challenges, setbacks, heartache, disappointments, and even outright personal failure. It’s just how life is. No one is immune to it. No one. Whether it is our own fault or the fault of someone else, things like these happen to everyone. And, the longer you live, the more you experience these things.

Success-Keys-Empowerment-WorkshopWelcome. My name is David Ward and I know a little about this kind of stuff – first hand. Yes, I know. It’s not cool to admit failure or hardship in today’s ‘self love’, ‘fake it until you make it’ culture we live in. But, if we can’t be real with each other about our lives, what possible good can come from connecting, right?

Yes, I’ve had my share of disappointments, setbacks, betrayals, and failures in life. In my opinion, I have had more than most people. I have failed or fallen short at many of the most important things in life at one time or another: in relationships, marriage, parenting, and business. Maybe you can relate to some of what I am saying here. I think most people can.

Never forget this important Truth!

No matter how unbearable life may get,  how discouraged you may become in accomplishing your goals, how much your faith may falter while pursuing your dreams, and, no matter how hopeless you think your situation is, I am here to tell you that THERE IS HOPE and you CAN have your breakthrough. You CAN be overrun with personal and financial success!

The good news is that failure in life is rarely fatal. When a person is living life on mission (doing what they know they were created to do) they don’t give up or live with an attitude of failure, pessimism, or habitual excuse making or blame shifting. Instead, they will learn from their mistakes.

When those who are living on mission are met with failure, they are eager to get back into the race and keep running the race as to win, no matter how big the challenge, setback or failure. They see victory and success as the only option for their future.

Are you living with a purpose that ignites you each morning to run as to win in life? Are you on mission in life to make a lasting positive difference? Are you wanting to achieve your greatest potential in life?

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  1. You can have my endorsement any time you want. I was able to see immediate results from just one hour of coaching with you. My thanks and you can expect me to be back for sure to learn and to grow. My greatest complements to you Mr. Ward. You were inspiring and knew exactly what I needed to start changing my life in positive ways.

    1. So awesome to hear. Thanks for the shout out Angie. It’s nice to know you were so satisfied.

  2. I’ve not been getting my newsletter over the last several weekss. Is there a reason it has stopped coming. Always look forward to it and the encouragement it brings. Should I re-subscribe?

    1. Sorry to hear about this Bruce. Yes, if for some reason you are not getting your newsletter, please re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience and happy that you are being blessed by it.

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