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Career Development 

Job Opportunities Wrecked by Social Media

Most people have heard the old adage, “you only get one chance to make a great first impression.” With social media now being a destination most companies use to promote their brand to the world, if you plan to apply to any good-paying company in corporate America, be ready to open up your Facebook account to a potential employer in an interview. It just might happen. Companies care about the reputation and character of their employees.

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Social Media Strategy for Your Business – Part 1

The explosive growth of the Internet has thrown down the gauntlet to the business world. It is here to stay and it is time to take online marketing for your business seriously. With this extensive growth, the explosion of social networking sites has caught even most of the tech savvy companies of corporate America off guard. With this new dynamic in play with Internet usage, there is a whole new world of opportunity to position yourself or your company for explosive growth along with the Internet and social media.

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Absolute ‘Must Do List’ for Success with Twitter

There are some must do things to do if you want to have success in using Twitter for building your personal or business brand. This following series of tweets is not one of them. “Out of diapers. Going to pick some up.’ ‘Just ran over our dog going to get diapers. The kids are going to hate me.’ ‘Stopping by pet store to look for another dog that looks like our old one.’ ‘Found a new Charlie at dog pound! Kid’s don’t know.’ ‘All is well, except Charlie only answers to Susie!”

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