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Success is Not an Accident!

Have you ever come across someone that makes success look easy? They just seem to have the Midas touch with everything they do. Whether it’s friendships, business relationships, business success, or living a victorious spiritual life – some people make everything they do look easy no matter how hard it is for the rest of us. Whether you are someone who finds it easy to succeed or you are one of the masses who have to work hard at success, there is one certainty that we all must accept about achieving success. Success in life is not an accident. It doesn’t just happen. Lasting success is the result of following a systematic plan of action made up of time-tested life principles or Laws for Success.

Those who are successful in life are successful for a reason. Their success is not an accident. 

David Ward

Hi, my name is David Ward, and I am excited you’re here. This website is dedicated to helping those who want to excel in their personal, family, work, and spiritual life. I want you to be able to come away from reading the content of this website feeling helped, encouraged, inspired, and empowered to become everything you were created to become. If you’re at a place in your life, career, or business where you realize that success is not an accident, and you feel you could benefit from some input into your life or situation, I’d like to give you a hand. If you’re ready, I am eager to help you in reaching your fullest potential.

If you are not quite ready to formalize a relationship with a mentor or coach, it’s OK. I can still help you. Take a moment subscribe to my free Life Success E-Series Newsletter. 

This newsletter will include many of very same principles and secrets used by the world’s most successful people. These invaluable principles and trade secrets of the most successful people in the world that are found in the Life Success E-Series Newsletter will be great weapon in your arsenal to fight against failure in your life, strengthen your family, and secure your financial future.

Mentoring works

Did you know that every highly successful individual you will ever meet has at least one thing in common. They can attest to the powerful impact that a mentor, close advisor, or personal coach had on their lives. Whether they paid for it or not, the instruction, assistance, insight, support or encouragement they received from the positive objective input of a mentor or skilled advisor was an important part of their ultimate success.

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  1. I’ve not been getting my newsletter over the last several weekss. Is there a reason it has stopped coming. Always look forward to it and the encouragement it brings. Should I re-subscribe?

    • Sorry to hear about this Bruce. Yes, if for some reason you are not getting your newsletter, please re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience and happy that you are being blessed by it.

  2. You can have my endorsement any time you want. I was able to see immediate results from just one hour of coaching with you. My thanks and you can expect me to be back for sure to learn and to grow. My greatest complements to you Mr. Ward. You were inspiring and knew exactly what I needed to start changing my life in positive ways.

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