Personal Development 

A New Idea for Getting the Help You Need

Human Libraries are libraries where you borrow people instead of books. A human library loans out humans. Like a traditional library which loans out books, a human library loans out the knowledge, understanding, insight, and wisdom of humans who are
knowledgeable on a specific subject or have an in depth understand and extensive experience on a particular topic.

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Dangerous Economic Future for Those with Student Loans

  According to USA Today, 22.7% of student loans are in default at present, with no sign of this number not continuing to rise in the future. This presents a very distinct potential dangerous economic future for those with student loans. I am a strong advocate for education and believe teachers should be among the highest paid of all professions, so please do not misunderstand what I am about to say about education and about being willing to pay for a good education. Proponents of higher education respond skeptically to the…

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