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Your Imagination is for Your Success

Nothing in your ability to dream or imagine should ever be discounted. Our imagination is unique to any other living organism on earth. We were created to procreate. Our imagination is part of this procreative ability. To imagine, to reason, to plan, and to implement our plans are part of our amazing uniqueness as mankind. No other living creature has this ability.

When Robert Goddard – the father of rockets and rocket propulsion – began sharing his ideas about rockets, he was met with a great deal of criticism and skepticism by scientists and physicists. These intellectuals of the day thought his ideas to be totally bizarre. He was laughed at. He was mocked. He was ridiculed.

As personalities go, Goddard was considered a shy person. Yet, even being labeled as he was, he didn’t let it affect his ability to pursue his dreams or his vision for creating a ”rocket”. A physics professor by vocation, he was not considered by his peers to be someone who could do something as farfetched as invent a fuel powered projectile.

As word spread about his ideas, the press had a field day making fun of his theories. The thought of “rockets” going into space, of launching something at all using a self contained fuel source was far-fetched to his peers. Although he became more reclusive in his research and work, Goddard did not give up or walk away from his vision of rocket propulsion and developing a “spacecraft”.

Fast forward to March 16, 1926. Dr. Goddard saw his vision and hard work come to fruition. Today, he is credited with the invention of the first liquid fueled Rocket. His invention was the impetus for modern jet propulsion that is still being used today in private and commercial aviation, and the space exploration industry.

The take away:

No matter how far-fetched or seemingly unrealistic your ideas are, your imagination and it ability to see an idea in your mind and pursue it, is a unique gift given to us by God. No other species on earth has the ability to imagine, create, plan, and implement ideas. This ability is a unique part of who we are as human beings and if it can bring good to mankind, it is planted in your thoughts by God himself.

Goddard’s invention, as ridiculous as it sounded to others in his time, as far-fetched and unrealistic as it sounded to his critics, as much as he was mocked, ridiculed, and belittled because of his vision and subsequent work – he never gave up on his dream.

If there is something burning in your soul to do – a vision, an idea, a just cause, an invention, or innovation – don’t discount it or think you can not do it. Embrace it. Pursue it. It may have the potential to change the world.

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