Vision & Mission

My Vision

Navigating-LifeThe vision for this website is rooted in my conviction that everyone has a unique life purpose. I also believe that we are all meant to discover what our life purpose is. Part of the process in discovering one’s life purpose is through ongoing learning, being mentored/discipled, and staying involved in those things that you are most passionate about.

When we gain knowledge and understanding of that knowledge, we position ourselves in a place where we are able to make our decisions in life based on the wisdom that comes from an understanding of the knowledge we have.

This vision to encourage, inspire, teach and empower extends beyond helping others discovery there life purpose. Once discovered, no matter how motivated we are in our journey to fulfill our life purpose, it’s easy to get distracted in the process. If we are not careful, we will allow our personal lives and public lives to get turned upside down on their heads. My intention is so help bring balance to your life – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. When these life arenas are in balance, you will be empowered to live free of the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that often plague the lives of highly successful people.

Mission Statement

To encourage, inspire, teach and empower those who desire to discover and fully live out their greatest passions, to fulfill their life purpose, and to live a balanced healthy life – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and materially with focused intent and integrity.Learn More about David Ward

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