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Realizing Your Dreams in Twenty Minutes a Day

We all dream. It’s part of the unique nature of every human ever born. We are procreators, innovators and inventors by nature. There is no limitation whether by age, race, economic status, educational achievement or social standing. Dreaming is a part of who we are.

We have all had dreams of doing something creative, important or meaningful in life at one time or another. Some choose to act on their dreams. Some choose not to. Most typically, people who give up on their dreams do so because of doubt or fear.

Those who start working towards their dreams, while they may have doubts and struggle with fear of failure at times, they choose to overcome them. They remain determined to see their dreams become a reality because they are passionate about them.

Have you had a dream of something you want to do, but allowed time constraints and distractions in your life to keep you from pursuing it?

Here is a short list of how to start making progress on your dream and seeing your dream(s) become reality – with only 20 MINUTES a day:

1) Write it down. Once your dream is on paper, it starts becoming a vision. Your vision describes how you see your dream unfolding as you pursue its success.

2) Once you have a written vision, start working daily (20 minutes a day) to formulate a plan from your vision. The business plan is the navigational chart for successfully realizing your dream.

3) Write down the financial needs of your dream and what you will need to accomplish it. This is your startup and operating budget. Whether your dream is for financial gain or not, this is necessary for you to monitor your growth and track success.

4) There is power in collaboration. Surround yourself with wise counsel to help refine your dream/vision/plan. These associations will help you with the things you don’t know how to do. Proverbs reminds the wise that “plans succeed through a multitude of wise counsel.” Seek out wise counsel. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

5) Begin to promote your vision and business/organizational plan to potential supporters, contributors or investors. As you promote your dream, be continually looking for people who can help you facilitate your dream. This is especially true in a new start-up like that of a social enterprise and non-profit organizations. Always be looking for volunteers. One of the best places to look for volunteers is in the retired community. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found in those who have worked in corporate America for 30 or 40 years. Their wisdom and practical experience can save you hundreds, if not thousands of hours, as well as countless mistakes, missteps, and setbacks in your goals for success.

If you are willing to apply these five simple steps in your day to day life, then you will begin to see your plans moving forward in seeing your dreams come true more quickly than if you just keep dreaming about it. Agreed?

You will see great things begin to happen in your life WHEN YOU START working towards your dreams. I promise.

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