Personal Development 

A New Idea for Getting the Help You Need

Human Libraries are libraries where you borrow people instead of books. A human library loans out humans. Like a traditional library which loans out books, a human library loans out the knowledge, understanding, insight, and wisdom of humans who are
knowledgeable on a specific subject or have an in depth understand and extensive experience on a particular topic.

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How to Speak to Your Children and Living Out What You Speak

When it comes to raising children, your words and how you say them are powerful, but there is nothing more powerful than living what you say. Learning how to speak to your children and living out what you speak is so much easier to talk about than to do. I am speaking from personal experience, and from the experience of others that I have spoken with over the years who have been truthful enough to admit it. Saying and doing do not always see eye to eye. Maybe you can…

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