Costly Mistake a Reminder of Seven Keys to Successful Crisis Resolution

  Oftentimes in business, mistakes are made that can be costly to a company, and crisis pursues.  These mistakes or oversights are not always made by people who are unskilled or inexperienced or who do not know any better, but many times by the very people you would expect to have seen and prevented such mistakes from happening in the first place.  It happens.  The most important thing that management must learn in those times when such mistakes happen is that there is a right way and a wrong way…

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Personal Development 

Powerful Reminders for Overcoming Adversity

  If you have lived for very long, you have met someone who has given up on their dreams or their goals in life. The reasons are always compelling in their opinion. Yet, in most instances, they did not give up because the challenges were too great or insurmountable, but simply because they FELT the challenges were to great. They were controlled by their feelings – their emotions – based on events that came their way while they were on their journey to pursue what they had most wanted in…

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