Personal Development 

How to Succeed in Personal Growth


One of the greatest enemies of personal and business success is a lack of patience followed by a lack of clarity in what you are intent on accomplishing.

Whether it is personal growth or the growth of your business, organization, or cause, articulate the change(s) that you want to make that will impact your/its growth the most.

Then, commit to the systematic incremental execution of the plan you have made until you have achieved what you most desire.

Let me recap:
> Seriously contemplate what you want to do.
> Write them down.
> Make a well thought out plan.
> Commit to the plan.
> Follow through with the plan.

My favorite attitude about making things happen is simply this. READY! FIRE! AIM! Take a little time and gather your thoughts, then take some time to contemplate your thoughts and write them down. Once you have, you have the beginning of something amazing. You have the beginning of your future success in your hands. Now, find someone to be accountable to for your actions and see that you follow through. When you do, your life will take on a dynamic that you will wish you had taken hold of years ago. Your success will be eminent.

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