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Two Essential Keys to Ending Racial Division in America


racial division in americaWe have all watched the unfolding news of all the senseless killings in America that seem to be racially motivated. Being a conspiracy thinker, I am going to keep my own opinion to myself for now, because it is not a part of the most important landscape of our present society. In a fallen hate-filled world, murder – by any name – is murder and deserves a just and equal punishment. In a love-centered world, this is not so. In a love-centered world, reconciliation and peace is the mandate for all who say they believe in a Living loving God.

This said, there are enough talking heads, both on social media and the airwaves, who will conjecture about violent events, so I will keep my opinion to myself. I do know that, if good prevails and not evil, the truth will find its way to the surface and our judicial system will right the wrongs in accordance to the laws of this land. The emotional scares however, may take time since there is a great rawness of the emotions of those who are disillusioned. Once these raw emotions have subsided and the news media finds another story that will get better ratings, the public anger and hostilities will cease and healing will come. We will again move forward in peace as a nation as the example to an onlooking world that America is still the standard for freedom and justice.

charlie-chaplin-power-of-loveYet, herein lies the rub for racial tensions to cease. There are those who would seek to use these tragic times to stir up division, strife, seditions, and every other form of insurrection against love and a peaceful resolution to the present racial tensions. They are instigators who seek a voice in the midst of these recent tragic events for the purpose of gaining power and notoriety. Their motive is not peace and goodwill, but rather money. Through non-profit startups and existing NPOs, these opportunists are all seeking a place at the table of national debate.

They know the economics of discord and division, and an emotionally charged debate that can rally a potential donor base who will give tens of millions of dollars to ‘help do their part.’ These people/organizations will use tragic events as the catalyst for their agendas and line their pockets with the money of the donors in the process. Their goals are not peaceful empowerment for the people they say that they serve. The works of these instigators aside, there is hope for all who truly want peace on earth – no matter what the conflict.

racial-division-02My encouragement and challenge to you:

1. Let love be seen in your actions and not just your words. Nothing on earth can stand against true love, whether in word or deed. Do not give into the temptation to allow yourself to have emotional RE-actions stemming from past or present events that have upset you or that are upsetting you.

Do not RE-act to what others may say to you or do towards you. This is what the evil behind racial division and violence feeds upon. It is also what pure evil counts on for cultivating racial division and instigating class wars – both of which have been being used successfully in the present political arena for the last eight years here in the USA.

Remember that, “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy,…” (Google John 10:10) When you understand the meaning of love in its purest sense, you will find that your heart will change towards those around you – especially those you do not agree with. Learn what Agape, Phileos, and Storge loves are. Allow these loves to be your ambassador to the broken and hurting hearts of the world around you. When you do, you will find that you can better empathize with the pain of others. From this empathy, you can build bridges.

You can either be a part of the problem and accelerate hate, division, and dissension in the world, or you can defy it by choosing to love. Love is enough to solve it all.

2. Be a bridge builder and not a bridge burner. Let reconciliation be your motive in every conversation. Resist the temptation to be emphatic and outspoken about your opinion. Be more given to dialogue from a mind of objectivity that is based upon facts and not the opinions or viewpoints of others. When we have all the facts and statistics on a subject, we tend to listen LESS to the divisive nature of a lessor voice from within.

A bridge builder fosters objectivity and healthy dialogue rooted in compassion and understanding. A bridge builder does not feed the temptation to verbally attack those with differing views. If you look long enough, you can always find common ground to stand upon with those you are in disagreement or conflict with.

In closing, lest we forget, the world at large is trying to make sense of the rapid increase in hate-driven violence all over the world. They are trying to comprehend it all. They are trying to get their head around how such tragic events could happen. At the same time, people who are not thinking rationally are allowing their emotions to play to every manner of thought that floods their mind with resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, and a sense of need to seek vengeance. You can either be a part of the problem and accelerate hate, division, and dissension in the world, or you can defy it by choosing to love unconditionally. Love is enough to solve it all. Love well.

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