Personal Development 

Goals Assessment in Business is an Ongoing Priority

I am the sort of individual that as a child enjoyed winding the toy up and turning it lose to see what it would do on its own without my help, and let others take care of the details of things like, what furniture or breakable objects (or individuals) that wind up toy would ultimately zero in on. The worst (or best depending upon your perspective) were the wind up flying toys. If my mom had ever found out just how many breakable things my aviation test flights crash landed into, I fear that I may not have made it out of childhood, if at all, without severe physical consequences.

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Self Help Libraries are in, and They’re Making People Lots of Money!

I don’t think that there is a single individual who lives in the free world who has not heard of Tony Robbins. His story is one of those rags to riches stories – living on food stamps in a one room apartment, overweight, lazy, discouraged, sick and tired of being a failure, and no options in sight. Then, one day it hits him. He is inspired with a solution to his situation from within, and ultimately builds an empire in the self help industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Fast forward to today.

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