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Revenge is Never Sweet

As tragic as it may sound, the world is filled with people with the disposition of the tiger. Tigers are known for their vengeful nature. When they are wronged, they will seek out whomever or whatever was the cause and take revenge. Just like the tiger, people live with an inability to let go of offenses done to them or others. They have an inability to seek reconciliation and choose peace over conflict. In short, they live for revenge.

Depending on the kind of spiritual beliefs you have, you will understand what I’m about to say. Just as there is a Spirit of unconditional love, peace, and joy, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration, there are spirits – demonic influences – which operate freely in our culture.
These spirits breed hatred, prejudice, racism, anger, rage, unforgiveness, bitterness, divisiveness, and vindictiveness. They feed off of conflict and arguments and disputes. They love to foster hate in the hearts of people who are unaware of the spiritual consequences of living in the realm of hate and vindictiveness.
The goal of these forces of darkness are simple. They want to shipwreck lives. They want to cause division and strife among anyone and everyone who will open their soul to their whispers of hate and animosity.
So, how do we individually and collectively, change our attitudes so that we do not act in the same way the beasts of the field act?
The answer is simply this. Forgiveness.
When we choose to forgive quickly when an offense comes and forget the wrong done to us, we enter into a whole new realm of living. When we do this, we take on part of the divine nature of God who himself forgives us for our sin and rebellion against Him.
If we are to live a victorious life filled with joy, hope and love, we must learn to move past the offenses brought against us by others – whether perceived or real.  When we  determine to make a willful choice to forgive quickly, and love unconditionally, no matter how unlovable or deplorable they are, we move into a place of empowered living.

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