Personal Development 

Revenge is Never Sweet

As tragic as it may sound, the world is filled with people who have the disposition of the tiger. Tigers are known for their vengeful nature. When they are wronged, they will seek out whomever or whatever was the cause and take revenge. Just like the tiger, people live with an inability to let go of offenses done to them or others. They have an inability to seek reconciliation and choose peace over conflict. In short, they live for revenge. Depending on the kind of spiritual beliefs you have, you…

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Costly Mistake a Reminder of Seven Keys to Successful Crisis Resolution

  Oftentimes in business, mistakes are made that can be costly to a company, and crisis pursues.  These mistakes or oversights are not always made by people who are unskilled or inexperienced or who do not know any better, but many times by the very people you would expect to have seen and prevented such mistakes from happening in the first place.  It happens.  The most important thing that management must learn in those times when such mistakes happen is that there is a right way and a wrong way…

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