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A New Idea for Getting the Help You Need

Mentoring has always been a part of my life.  Whether it has been me seeking out the wisdom of others or me pouring myself into the lives of others – mentoring is a part of my DNA. Recently, I read about a new idea that motivated me. The concept was so engenious, that  to make inquiries about seeing something similar come to the Internet as a resource to help up and coming entrepreneurs get the insight and wisdom they need to be successful in their chosen endeavors. Like a library, where you check out books, i.e. a book library, the concept of a human library is an up and coming novelty that is already in some 70 countries.

Human Libraries are libraries where you borrow people instead of books. A human library loans out humans. Like a traditional library which loans out books, a human library loans out the knowledge, understanding, insight, and wisdom of humans who are knowledgeable on a specific subject or have an in depth understand and extensive experience on a particular topic.

The “reader” who checks out a human “book” has an allotted amount of time to ask the person questions and learn about the topic.

The idea of a human library started in Denmark. The patrons of the human library have the opportunity to borrow from a wide range of topics to learn from – lawyers, advertising executives, marketing experts, law enforcement professionals, a single parent, doctor, clergy, etc. mom, a Muslim, a teacher, a refugee – the list goes on.

In a society – like in America for instance – where we have an enormous intellectual stockpile/reserve of highly educated and highly success people, I believe America would be an ideal place to see human libraries propagated. Now, if I could just figure out how to get a library card for one of these. :-)

What are your thoughts? Do you think you could benefit from a concept like this – either in your local community or online? I would really appreciative if you would leave your feedback here.  And, if you like the idea of seeing human libraries grow in popularity, please share this article on your favorite social network. Thanks!

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