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The Upside to Helping Others

It’s an interesting phenomenon in life that when you sow into the lives of others, your investment into them brings a substantial reward back into your life. While this reward can at times be a financial return, most often it is a reward far greater than what any monetary reward can bring. The more you are outward focused and given to helping people, the greater the joy of living becomes, and the more filled your cup of satisfaction, happiness, joy, peace, and contentment becomes.

Another thing happens too. The more you live life selflessly, the more you find yourself in meaningful relationships with others who share your same passions in life.  In my case, everyone around me that I choose to be in close relationship with outside of my personal calling in life, are people who are pretty much like me. They are outward focused. They are passionate about life. They are in pursuit of discovering and/or living out God’s purpose for their lives.

In a nutshell, when people are living with an outward-focused mindset, they are making positive, lasting, life-changing ripples in the world, starting in the lives they choose to serve. From my experience thus far in life, I believe that there is no greater joy than to see the world changed in positive and lasting ways for the good of others. I believe that you will see the same thing once you discover your life purpose and how to effectively walk in it.

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