Dangerous Economic Future for Those with Student Loans

  According to USA Today, 22.7% of student loans are in default at present, with no sign of this number not continuing to rise in the future. This presents a very distinct potential dangerous economic future for those with student loans. I am a strong advocate for education and believe teachers should be among the highest paid of all professions, so please do not misunderstand what I am about to say about education and about being willing to pay for a good education. Proponents of higher education respond skeptically to the…

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Responsible Credit Card Use

When it comes to building a strong financial future, most financial planners will tell you that the first and most important rule for financial freedom is DO NOT BUY ON CREDIT if you can not pay off the credit card at the end of the month. They will most likely go on to tell you that it is better to be earning interest on money rather than to be paying someone else interest on money.

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