Business Opportunity Scams are on the Rise

No one who is trying to find something to supplement their income likes to hear that business opportunity scams are on the rise. Yet, during hard economic times when people are desperate to find ways to supplement or replace their income, business opportunity scams start popping up all over. When a business opportunity scam do surface, they invariably bring with them a great misfortune to those who are desperate financially – the very ones that need the financial assistance the most.
It does not have to be said that we are living in very tough economic times right now. With ‘official’ unemployment at 10% and rising, and the unofficial estimate of unemployment at more like 15% (this includes those who have not filed for unemployment or whose unemployment has already run out), there are millions (tens of millions) of American’s out of work. The future does not look any brighter in the near future according to most economists. Only the politicians looking to be re-elected are spinning the economy as a temporary problem or working hard to blame shift it to others.
Aside from the politics and the sad reality of the large numbers of those around the world and at home that are suffering financially, there are a great many opportunities to make a lot of money if one knows where to look and how to determine what is and what is not a ‘good business opportunity’. Yes, in these tough economic times with people actively looking for any business opportunity that they think they can make money enough to get them out of their financial misfortune, there is a rapidly growing number of business opportunity scams popping up. These business opportunity scams are non-descrimitory. They go after people with lots of money who are trying to hedge against the collapse of the stock markets, as well as after the poor and working middle class who do not want to rely on government for their needs.
Most of the business opportunity scams offer those who participate a deal that is too good to be true. They make the buyer think they are going to make a ton of money by joining or participating in them. Yes, there are a great many very legitimate ways to make money working for yourself through work from home business opportunities that really do allow you to make money, and a lot of money. There are also a proponderance of business opportunity scams that are stealing the money of millions of people from all walks of life who are desperate to make ends meet or improve the quality of life for their families.
Before you decide on a business opportunity, take the time to research it. Scrutinize every aspect of it and thoroughly determine if it is something that you can see yourself making a legitimate income from. Ideally, if a business opportunity is a good one, then it will be a good one even during good economic times. Above all else, take your time and use wisdom before you turn over your hard-earned cash or use a credit card to purchase anything related to a business opportunity offer.
The following video is provided complements of the Federal Trade Commission and used by their permission as a part of their public awareness campaign to educate those who are looking for a legitimate opportunity. You can watch it here or if you would like, you can visit their Website and learn a lot more on this subject. Click here to visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Website.

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