Top Secrets in ‘Adwords’ Marketing

Google remains the giant of internet advertising. It’s hard to see how any business or marketing effort can succeed today without at least a little nod towards working within the constraint’s placed by this internet behemoth and yet, there are some things that can be done to improve your rankings with Google, without major cost. Here’s just a couple that, when implemented properly, will have a major effect on your Adwords marketing and your bank balance.

1) Don’t just pick out the top keywords. Expand your list to include lots and lots of other keywords that may relate to your specific site. This may sound like a waste of time, and money, to you, but it works. As you can specify an amount per keyword to be spent per click thru, you don’t have to have each new keyword with a huge budget, simply a small amount to get the program running per keyword, see which one’s work for your site, then compare the returns per cost. You will be shocked at the difference in spending $3000 per month on your main keyword with maybe 20 or 30 returns from it, while you’re little cheap Adwords marketing may only have 2 or 3 returns, but your cost per return will have dropped considerably.

2) Work on the negatives. So your ad has an awesome amount of click thru’s – that’s great. Then you ask “Where’s the sales?” and you’ll find that you probably don’t have enough to really justify your costs. Like any sale, what needs to be done is to pre-qualify your click-thru’s, and the easiest way to do this is to add negatives in your Adwords marketing campaign. True, this can backfire on you if your ads aren’t getting the clicks you need anyway, but it is something that you can experiment with to see what works for you.

3) Use the tools supplied by Google. Too many people don’t use the tools supplied for them. Within each Adwords account, you can have up to 25 different campaigns, and under each campaign you can have up to 100 different groups. This allows you to split down each single campaign into specific areas, which in turn allows you to better control those campaign’s that work, and those that don’t. It may be a little work, and it may take a bit of time, but utilizing what Google gives you for free can help every site, be they international giant’s or mom and pop site’s.

4) Confine your campaign’s to only search results. Google Adwords marketing allows both content and search network results, so allowing only active searchers to find your results, as opposed to your click thru ad appearing on every site with even the sniff of your keyword on it, will reduce your costs and give you a better ROI on your campaign.

Let us know how this benefits your SEO marketing efforts, and if you have a story to tell, please share your experience with us at opportunity (at), and if your story is chosen you will entered in to our monthly drawing for all sorts of freebies and coaching services!

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4 Thoughts to “Top Secrets in ‘Adwords’ Marketing”

  1. Is your website associated with ITfamilyGroup? I think I have seen this article on their website too. Good information though. Your site always has great stuff that others charge for.

    1. Head Coach

      It is Crystal. We are all a part of FamilyDot Communications – all meaning several Websites, blogs, and ecommerce Websites that related to communications, information technology, and Internet technology. Thanks for your nice words. We try.

  2. This is great information. I have started using it and already seen results! Thanks a lot! Do you teach a Webinar on SEO and how to drive traffic to a Website?

    1. Head Coach

      Thank you Alex. Glad to know you are benefiting from our content here. Yes, we do teach three separate classes on SEO and traffic generation. If you would like to sit in on one, write ‘coachme (at)’ – please add to the subject line “SEO Tutoring interest” without the quotations, and someone will get back with you on our fall schedules. They will really help you launch your website into hyperdrive as it concerns traffic.

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