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Ninety-five (95%) of all those who get involved in network marketing or direct sales, whether online or not, will fail to ever earn enough money to make back their personal investment of time and money they have put into it.  Sounds like a dismal scenario, doesn’t it? And, for most, it comes as no surprise since this is a fairly widespread bit of knowledge. One of the most important first steps you can do to insure your success in network marketing is to get network marketing training from someone that KNOWS about it where they have a long track record of success. But what might surprise you is why only five percent of those who get involved succeed and ninety-five percent of them fail. Are you ready for this? Out of all the reasons that are most often given for someone’s failure in these sorts of businesses, the one that is last to be mentioned, and hardly ever admitted to, but is most often the very reason alone for someone not experiencing financial success in their marketing business is that of the lack of taking action. The lack of action. At the core of this reason is procrastination. People find every form of excuse and rationale as to why they can’t take action on those things that are important for their success, and ultimately this mindset robs the very people who need a financial breakthrough in their lives the most of the ability to succeed as they were meant to. If you are involved in either a network marketing business or a direct selling business, and are presently struggling with the lack of daily action in your business goals, here are some immediate action steps you can implement immediately both in your  daily success life, as well as two that you can apply on a weekly basis in your present network marketing or direct selling business. If you begin to implement them into your daily routine in the next week, you will begin to see the tide changing for the better as it concerns your success in your business. The more you apply these action steps on a daily basis, and the two weekly steps on a consistent weekly basis, the greater your opportunity to succeed will become, and you eventually will not be able to stop the ultimate positive affect of their affect on your success.

Monday through Friday Daily Action Steps (2 hours per day total)

  1. Help one person with a personal need that is totally unrelated to your business opportunity, whether that assistance is in talking to them, listening to them, doing some act of kindness for them, or going out of your way to help them, where your action in helping them will allow them to be more successful in their personal or public life. This builds your personal brand as someone who is interested in more than just making money off everyone you meet. (30 minutes)
  2. If you use FaceBook or another social media network, write five of your friends/connections with a letter that is totally unrelated to your business, that focuses on discovering what they do and what their needs are. (30 minutes)
  3. Introduce yourself to five new people today and ask them for permission to share what you do for a living with them in the event they or someone they know might be looking for a way to supplement and/or replace their present income by working with you. With upwards of 45 million people out of work or having their hours cut back in America alone, the potential of your contact with five people a day to find at least two or three a week that would be interested in what you have to say is very good. If they say yes, ask them if you could arrange for a time to discuss it in more detail at a time that is convenient with their schedule . (15 minutes)
  4. Write, call, or text your top five qualified prospects with at least one reason why your opportunity would be good for them. The average individual who buys is contacted on the average of five times before they make a buying decision. (15 minutes)
  5. Share your business opportunity with at least one person face to face or by telephone, and then ask for their help in recommending a few people who they might know that would appreciate the benefits of your opportunity and the financial possibilities of it. (30 minutes)

Weekly Action Steps (4 hours per week)

  1. Attend a training meeting whether online or physically to learn from others, and to teach others. This builds depth of understanding in what you are doing by both learning/being encouraged, and teaching/encouraging. (1.5 hours)
  2. Plan and do one online Webinar presentation per week for 5 individuals who have not been exposed to your business opportunity, but have said they would like to learn more. These small online meetings are easy and fun to do. The very best tools that I have seen, and that I endorse for online marketers are through They work with GVO to provide, among other tools, a Webinar conference room for free if you host your Website with them. The rooms are very easy to set up and to invite people to, and you can do video, powerpoint, audio, or all three. The best part about it is that you can record your presentation so that you can share it with others over and over again.  This is GREAT for cutting down on your personal time for prospecting or training.  If you feel awkward in doing your first Webinar, ask someone with experience in your up-line to do it for you and you simply host it by introducing him or her to your participants. This is a great way to learn and to build confidence. (1.5 hours)
  3. Plan and do one online Webinar training session a week for your immediate personally sponsored downline on the latest training and recruitment techniques that the leaders in your business are using. The first one you do should be with those you are closest to and that you work with the most who respect you and understand that you are learning just like they are. It is a great way to lead by example, and a great way to build confidence into the lives of others that participate as you call on them to share their experiences and success stories with others during your weekly Webcast. (1 hour)

These Action Points listed above are proven and time tested, and used by the world’s most financially successful network marketing and direct sales professionals in various forms – typically more hours per day on each for faster results.  The most important thing to remember here is that they are not at all difficult to do.

The KEY for your success here is to take action on them, whether you ease into it by doing just one of the daily Action Steps each day for a week and then the following week add another, then the next week after that add another, until you are consistently doing all of these on a daily basis.

The same goes with the weekly Action Steps. IF YOU have something that you personally do that you have found helpful and financially successful that has allowed you to break free from procrastination and to take action, please share it with our readers here in the comments section below. And, if you know others in either network marketing or direct sales, and you have the time, PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE with your followers on your favorite social media networks, like Twitter or FaceBook. Let’s help others realize their personal and financial goals together. Thanks!

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