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There are probably thousands of love success tips that have been written or spoken over the centuries. Even Holy Scriptures have an abundance of time tested keys to building and maintaining a healthy love relationship. Applying all of the love success tips we here can be a real challenge. If they were easy, there would not be so many books written about how to keep love alive in relationships.

Whether it is a love relationship or just a relationship with someone you want to be friends with, building healthy relationships require time and effort. Here is another in the series of Love Success Tips that you will want to remember as you go about your day to day interactions with someone you love.

When it comes to building a healthy love relationship, the amount of time and effort is even greater. When you are married, there is a tendency to settle into a routine and sort of coast in the relationship. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do when it comes to keeping your marriage strong and resilient to the trials and challenges of everyday life. If you are married or working towards marriage with someone you think you want to spend your life with, remember the saying that is often quoted by marriage counselors.  “Love making starts in the kitchen.” As silly as it sounds, it actually has a lot of truth to it. Ask any woman – especially one that does not like to cook or wash dishes.

Of all the other love success tips that you learn to apply to your love relationship, this one is as important as any of them. When you take the time in your love relationship to be a part of those things that your sweetheart is passionate about doing, you are adding substance to the foundation of your love relationship. This ‘substance’ will spill over into every other aspect of your friendship and love relationship.

Be active in your pursuit of discovering what the one you love enjoys doing. Then become passionate in doing those things with them. Equally so, watch and listen carefully, and determine what they struggle in doing as a part of their day to day life. Once you find something that they dislike doing or struggle in keeping up with, come along side of them and help them do it.

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