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Three Bouquets of Flowers


150110-cards-bouquets“The man carried the three cards, three boxes of candy, and three bouquets of flowers up to the cashier to pay for them. As he carefully laid his merchandise down, the cashier rolled her eyes at him as she looked at his wedding band, mumbling, “these players make me sick,” not realizing that everyone else nearby could hear her, as well as the “player” who was now standing in front of her.

With a whispering crowd now looking on to see what was unfolding between the cashier and her customer, the man fixed his gaze upon the cashier and in a soft and gentle voice he said,

“One set is for my mom because my dad passed away and he used to do this for my mom quite often. In doing so, he taught me how to show love and honor. The next set is for my wife because I love her and am totally devoted to her. She teaches me how to receive and treasure love. The last set is for my daughter because it is up to me to teach her how she should be treated and who she should give her heart to.”

The crowd was silent…

The take away from this is story really rather simple.

Men, take the time to love actively in ways that address the whole woman and not just their sexuality. Show those who matter that they are loved and cherished, and do it in tangible ways that reflect honor both publicly and in private.

Women, our culture in America (and in most places around the world) has taught multiple generations of men to objectify women, and it is not entirely the fault of men. Be willing to teach the men you love how to love you the right way – in every way – because most men have accepted what media has taught them about women. If you are single, be encouraged that there ARE good men to be found, but like good women, you must seek after them as like that of hidden treasure.

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