Become a Hero to Your Children

quote-parents-herosI want to encourage all of you who are fathers and all of you who aspire to be fathers. Fatherhood is a great calling and the future of an entire generation depends on the work that a father does in the life of their children as they grow up.

There is an ancient Truth that has been proven to be very accurate concerning the power of words. It is this: “The power of life and death is in the tongue.” I believe with every bit of conviction as a father, that as true as this is, there is an even more powerful force that impacts our children. It is that of the power of personal conviction to live the example of what is right over that of what is wrong. Our life example will be remembered by our children far longer than any words we speak.

Specific to fathers, it should go without saying that children watch both parents closely as they grow and mature into an adult. But there is something power about the example of a father who lives his life well and loves well in the life of a child. These life examples of a life well lived and that of loving well provides the needed lessons a child must learn to be successful in life.

Whether it is a son that looks ambitiously at his father’s work ethic and how he treats his mom, or it is a little girl who watches how her daddy loves, respects, affirms, cares for, and cherishes her mom – the examples of a father’s life dramatically affect a child’s outcome.

Don’t believe me? Ask your children.

Fathers: Live well and love well.

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