A Tiny Idea Going Viral – Be a Part of it in Less than 60 Seconds!


Have you ever thought of the cost of your decision to buy gas from a gas station that imports directly from Middle Eastern Oil Cartels and the effect it has on the American economy? If you have a minute or two, this article can potentially change your view of how you are now spending your money for gas and where you will want to spend it.  Keeping your gas money in America – it’s a tiny idea that will change our economy!

Most of our newest generation of drivers cannot remember the gas rationing in the 1980’s, and the positive effect it had on the price of oil coming from the Middle East. Yes, there was a great deal of grumbling over it as people were made to be more creative in their consumption of gasoline through car pooling and mass transit in the larger urban areas of the United States. But the result was overwhelmingly in the best interest of the United States as gas prices were brought down considerably through the basic reality of supply and demand. We stopped using it, and the Middle Eastern Oil Cartels were forced to lower their prices.

BUT FIRST! BEFORE I get into this, I want you to know that part of my writing this is to have you share it on your profile so that we can see a tiny idea become a great thing potentially. If you do so, please let me know you have shared it on your profile. I will tell you why at the end of this note. OK, back to the tiny idea!

Here is a thought for some of you who are wanting to be socially responsible, while at the same time curbing the funding of terrorism through the reduction in American dollars going to the countries and governments that are the major contributors to terrorism.

At present Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries (the oil cartel states) are for the most part boycotting American goods. Would you be willing to return the favor? Would you be willing to return the favor in the form of refusing to use any petroleum company in America that imports Middle Eastern oil?

Every time you fill up your vehicle, consider only buying fuel from companies that do NOT import from the Middle East (the oil cartels). This will mean some inconvenience and proper planning for most since we are a ‘convenience-driven society’ of I- want- it- now consumers. The list below shows the amount of petroleum imports from Middle Eastern countries per year I am told. If you are up for the task, consider NOT purchasing fuel from the following companies:

Barrels of oil from Middle East

Shell: 205,742,000
Chevron/Texaco: 144,332,000
Exxon /Mobil: 130,082,000
Marathon/Speedway: 117,740,000
Amoco: 62,231,000

If you do the math at $75/barrel, these imports amount to over $22 BILLION! This does not include the additional profit on the actual gasoline that these multi-national oil companies make who are married to the Middle Eastern Oil Cartels. Why would any American want to support companies whose partners are funding terrorism and the destruction of America and its allies?

ON THE CONTRARY, here are some large companies that do NOT import Middle Eastern oil. We have not included Citgo since it is presently owned by the family of the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez  who, like his successor, is bent on the destruction of the United States and Israel, and is actively funding terrorism against both the United States and Israel.

Sunoco: 0 barrels
Conoco: 0 barrels
Sinclair: 0 barrels
BP/Phillips: 0 barrels
Hess: 0 barrels
ARC0: 0 barrels

NOTE: All of this information is available from the Department of Energy and each is required to state where they get their oil and how much they are importing. But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of gas buyers. It’s really simple to do. Please let me explain how simple it is to reach millions of people in the next few weeks and bring a remarkable change to our country’s economic success during this energy crisis that we are having at present.

Here is the fun part of this tiny idea. As you know, most FaceBook profiles have about 300 friends. Some have a bit less if they have only been using it for a while, but many have several hundred more.

If after reading the statistics above, you see the sense in keeping your money in America and not in the pockets of the Middle Eastern oil cartel, HERE IS MY IDEA!

WHAT IF we networked this note across the landscape of FaceBook through our profiles, sharing it with our friends, and encouraging our friends to share it with their friends? What sort of impact would this tiny idea have?


IF YOU WILL SIMPLY SHARE THIS NOTE on your FaceBook profile so that others can be made aware of this information, you will have done your part in this tiny idea that can make a positive change in our economy and help those around you both directly and indirectly.

To Share, click on the “Share” button at the top right of this note.

WHAT IF ONLY 30 OF YOUR FRIENDS (10% of your friends) read this note you post and are WILLING TO ACT on this note by sharing it on their own personal FaceBook profiles, AND THEN only 30 of their friends see the same wisdom in this tiny idea that you and your friends see, and they choose to share this same note on THEIR FaceBook profiles; and again, then if only 30 friends of these individual friends that see this were willing to share this note on their FaceBook profiles, we could see a potential impact of reaching 27,000 FaceBook users (most of which are car driving gas buying consumers) become a part of this tiny idea.

NOW, here is where this grassroots tiny idea gets a real jump start!

WHAT IF these 27,000 extended friends choose to share this same note on their profiles, and only 15 of their friends (not the normal 30) see it, read it, and are willing to act on it as the other 27,000 FaceBook friends have, and this process of sharing this note on your FaceBook profile is repeated only another three times? Here is the number of your extended friends that will be reached.

27,000 friends share this and only 15 of the friends of each of these 27,000 friends actually act on this:

27,000 x 15 = 405,000 extended friends on FaceBook affected and willing to act on this tiny idea!

405,000 of your extended friends read this note, share it as their friends have already, and only 15 of each of their friends are willing to read this note, act on this note, and share it on their own profile:

405,000 X 15 = 6,075,000 extended friends on FaceBook affected and still willing to act on this tiny idea!

6,075,000 of your extended FaceBook friends are now about to share this note by posting it on their profile with the hope of getting others to respond, act, and participate… amazing thought, isn’t it?

6,075,000 x 15 = 91,125,000 FaceBook users that read this note, and are willing to act on it!!!

OK! Most of those who know me will tell you that I am a fairly optimistic individual, and that I tend to think BIG PICTURE! This can have its drawbacks at times, I admit, but that is why you have friends and business associates, and business staff around you, to help you keep things balanced in your life, right?

BUT WHAT IF YOU were willing to take 15 seconds after reading this, and click the share button at the top right of this note you are reading, and actually share this with all of your friends, and something similar to what I have just outlined were to happen? WHAT IF?

WHAT IF you could imagine the possibility of these 91,125,000 gasoline consumers that are represented through this tiny idea actually choosing to follow through on the idea of changing their buying habit for gasoline by choosing to buy only 50% of their monthly gasoline from an American petroleum source like those listed in this note? WHAT IF?

WOW! Imagine if all of your friends and those who are represented in the 91,125,000 gasoline consumers each chose to fill their gasoline tanks two times per month with American-made gasoline? With an average tank of gas costing $40.00, that would be $80.00 per ‘tiny idea participant’ per month or $7,290,000,000 (that is seven BILLION, two-hundred and ninety million dollars) in a single month of American consumer money that will stay in the United States of America – the country that is now suffering the worst recession in as long as anyone can remember, and all going to American jobs and business and NOT foreign companies that are known to support terrorism.

In one year’s time, IF YOU CAN SEE THIS tiny idea taking hold with only 10% of the friends on your friends list, and ultimately only affecting under one third of our nation’s population, you and I could see an additional $87,480,000,000 (that’s eighty-seven BILLION, four-hundred and eighty million dollars) staying right here in the United States.

Think of the potential! Think of the new jobs, the new opportunity, the overall effect this will have on our nation in this critical time in our history!

Are you up for the task? Will you share this note on your FaceBook Profile? Will you get in this race to make a positive impact on America, and take the hand- off of this ‘baton’ – Join me! Join Us! Let’s do this in a big way, today!

OK, so about why I would like you to let me know if you post this to your profile. Part of my professional life includes owning a domain name and hosting company, i.e. ITfamilygroup.com. I also provide personal development and success coaching services through another company (website) that I own.

IF you will take part in this tiny idea by sharing this note on your profile, I would like to bless you in a way that can benefit your future success. If you would take the time to add me as a friend here on FaceBook, I would like to send you a special thank you gift and give you something in return for your willingness to help in this tiny idea and in taking part in this great possibility in changing the financial well-being of our nation at a grass roots level.

When you share this on your FaceBook profile, please do two things: 1) add me to your friends list so that I will know you have shared this note to your profile, and 2) please write “I SHARED YOUR NOTE” in the message option when you add me as a friend (If you are already a friend, please send me a message with “I SHARED IT” in the subject line so I will know you shared this on your profile as well.)

Once I receive your request to be added as a friend (or your message if you are already a friend), I will message you back about what I would like to do for you as my gift to you for your success.

THANKS AGAIN for being a part of this tiny idea that can positively impact our nation.

REMINDER: Print out the list of American oil companies above that do not buy oil from the Middle Eastern Oil Cartel and carry it in your car for future reference. Let’s make a difference as we begin to change our buying habits!

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  1. Finally! Someone with a great idea to bring our gas prices down and start keeping out money at home! Thanks for the information.

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