Setting Goals to Accomplish What You Want Starts with YOU

Setting goals to accomplish what you want starts with you making the determination that you really want what you say you want. Most people want to accomplish great things in their lives. Most people have very good intentions to accomplish their goals. Yet, setting goals to accomplish what you want to do requires what many people are unwilling to do, and that is to TAKE ACTION! If you want to accomplish anything in your life worthwhile, your success in accomplishing it starts with you! Are you on track to accomplish…

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Top Secrets in ‘Adwords’ Marketing

Google remains the giant of internet advertising. It’s hard to see how any business or marketing effort can succeed today without at least a little nod towards working within the constraint’s placed by this internet behemoth and yet, there are some things that can be done to improve your rankings with Google, without major cost. Here’s just a couple that, when implemented properly, will have a major effect on your Adwords marketing and your bank balance.

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Network Marketing Training – Action Ice Breakers

Ninety-five (95%) of all those who get involved in network marketing or direct sales, whether online or not, will fail to ever earn enough money to make back their personal investment of time and money they have put into it. Sounds like a dismal scenario, doesn’t it? And, for most, it comes as no surprise since this is a fairly widespread bit of knowledge. But what might surprise you is why only five percent of those who get involved succeed and ninety-five percent of them fail. Are you ready for this? Out of all the reasons that are most often given for someone’s failure in these sorts of businesses, the one that is last to be mentioned, and hardly ever admitted to, but is most often the very reason alone for someone not experiencing financial success in their marketing business is that of the lack of taking action.

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FTC Crackdown on Affiliate Marketers

It comes as no surprise to many in the content development business that it would eventually happen. The Internet has become a virtual jungle of content infomercials to a point that an innocent bystander who happens across a Website that practices such a thing cannot tell the difference between legitimate content and an endorsement for a product or service being eluded to in the article. Before you go getting all down on websites that practice such things, almost every major media outlet in America (including the alphabet networks – ABC,…

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