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Absolute ‘Must Do List’ for Success with Twitter

There are some must do things to do if you want to have success in using Twitter for building your personal or business brand. This following series of tweets is not one of them. “Out of diapers. Going to pick some up.’ ‘Just ran over our dog going to get diapers. The kids are going to hate me.’ ‘Stopping by pet store to look for another dog that looks like our old one.’ ‘Found a new Charlie at dog pound! Kid’s don’t know.’ ‘All is well, except Charlie only answers to Susie!”

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Telephone Lead Generation Guidelines

Most people that you will ask their thoughts about telemarketing will tell you that they hate getting calls from telemarketers.  I am one of the ‘most people’ who really dislike being called regardless of what time the call comes in from a telemarketer.  It’s just something about having someone you don’t know calling you about something that you are not actively in search for or have an interest in. Right? As bad as you might think of telemarketing though, if you implement some very basic telephone lead generation guidelines into…

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Success Secrets of Email Marketing

  Email marketing is a huge and profitable tool for sales process and feeding qualified prospects into your sales funnel. How you go about it is as important as what you choose to offer at any given time to your list. You never want to alienate anyone from your email marketing campaign mailings if you plan to harvest that list for financial gain repetitiously.  Learning to used these success secrets of email marketing effectively will have a huge impact on your success in email marketing. An important key to success…

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How to Prevent WordPress Security Problems with Your Website

Knowing how to prevent WordPress security problems with your Website can save you tons of time and aggravation if you will just take a few minutes each week to maintain the updates of your WordPress Website.  Let’s face it.  There is always someone who thinks it’s cool to hack into other peoples websites.  And, as great as Matt and his team are at WordPress, even their platform has security issues if they don’t keep providing security updates for the millions of users worldwide.  “It’s not just a WordPress security issue, but…

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Become and Online Tutorials Expert and Explode Your Brand

Everyone likes to learn something every once in a while, right? One of the best ways to build up your Website traffic is to provide tutorials. I want to share seven steps to becoming an expert online by providing tutorials on your Website. The seven steps to becoming an expert online can work for any area of interest and be done by anyone who has 20 minutes a day to work on writing content. Do you have 20 minutes a day to build your personal brand by becoming an ‘expert’ on a subject that interests you?

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Can you read this? The Power of the Human Brain

The human brain is really quite amazing. Even with the worst of injuries our brains have the ability to adapt and improve on the things it learns when it is stimulated to do so.  Take the following paragraph for instance. The ability of our brains to see groups of letters and rearrange them as we read something like this has stumped scientists who study how our brains work. So, here is is.  Give it a try. If you find this entertaining or interesting please Tweet it, Buzz it, or Share…

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