Become and Online Tutorials Expert and Explode Your Brand

Everyone likes to learn something every once in a while, right? One of the best ways to build up your Website traffic is to provide tutorials. I want to share seven steps to becoming an expert online by providing tutorials on your Website. The seven steps to becoming an expert online can work for any area of interest and be done by anyone who has 20 minutes a day to work on writing content.  Do you have 20 minutes a day to build your personal brand by becoming an ‘expert’ on a subject that interests you?

Becoming an expert on a subject on the World Wide Web and adding value to your brand through tutorials is really much easier than it sounds. By taking the time to position yourself as an expert and working to add value to your Website with tutorials, you dramatically increase your Website’s opportunities to be found through search engines where people are typing in requests for content that provides tutorials on how to do something.

Let’s say for instance you own a health site – where you are attempting to market a health related product – and there is a tutorial on how to detoxify your liver.  If you write your tutorial using the key words or key phrases that people will be looking for on this subject, you stand a good chance of your Website being found by those looking for information on this topic.

When you offer free advice on a subject that people are in need to learn about, you sort of become an expert in their eyes if you know more than they do.  Of course, you will want to know what you are talking about when you write these tutorials, but the good news is that you do NOT have to be an expert on a subject. You simply need to provide accurate and useful information in a step by step fashion so that people in search of the information you are offering can be found as a result of search engines picking the content up as they are indexing the millions of Websites that they regularly visit.

This really is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in the Internet marketer’s play book. And, the more you write on a subject, the more ‘expert’ you become. The more expert you become, the more people will listen, and refer others to you. Adding value with tutorials to your Website is HUGE when it comes to building your personal or business brand online. HUGE! This is because people like accurate and up to date information on subjects of interest to them; and if you can provide that information, well, you become that expert they will return to in the future.

Remember that you don’t have to be a professional writer to produce useful articles.  And,  honestly… can you keep a secret?…. You don’t have to BE an expert on the subject that you are writing about.

The secret that most great bloggers don’t tell you is that they most often will research the subjects that they write about most, looking for new or different information on the subject to bolster their content.  So, really, all you need to do to add value to your brand is to have the ability to search the web for information on the subject yourself, and compile (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) all the information you can find into a 500 to 750 word document on how to do something that people are looking to learn how to do.  It’s really that simple.

Here are seven steps to building good tutorial content that you can follow and become an ‘expert’ to the masses that will be looking for articles on the subject that you choose to write on.

Step 1) Determine a subject that you think people will want to learn about that relates in someway to what you do, what you are selling, or what you are working to build your personal or business brand around.

Step 2) Take 20 minutes and write as much as you know about the subject matter that you choose to write about.

Step 3) From your rough draft, pick out several key points or steps to doing something, and bullet point them together.

Step 4) Take the rest of your content (that which you have written) and reshape it into a paragraph or two that relates directly to the bullet pointed key points or steps in doing something, being certain to use the key phrase that someone might type into a search engine query form.

Step 5) Take about 5 minutes to do a query for the very phrase you have isolated as your own key phrase, and read some of the top posts related to that key phrase, looking for information that you did not know or that you had forgotten about the subject that you are writing on. Copy and paste that information into a notepad or into your word processor.

Step 6) From this additional information, gather the raw information out of it and then construct your own content from that information, being certain to give credit where credit is due IF you quote anything from another Website. I always copy the domain into my notes in the event that what the other author has says is perfectly written and unique enough to quote.

Step 7) Finalize your tutorial by adding some background information, some notable facts, and/or quotes, and review your tutorial for continuity and clarity before you publish it.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Don’t try to sell what you have to offer. You do NOT have to include your product or service in the tutorial in order to get someone to research it.  All you will need is a noticeable advertisement or link that uses that key phrase or something similar that will allow an individual to click on in  order to learn more about a product or service that they might need that could assist them after they have applied the tutorial steps that you have provided to them in your tutorial.

Questions to ask yourself:

What are the benefits to the individual to use my tutorial?

Do I have personal experience with this, enough to share my personal testimony?

Do I have testimonials that can back up what I am teaching? If so, place them in a video or call out box in your article or on the page. This builds huge credibility.

Do I have an actual event that can give concrete examples of how my tutorial would work in real life?

Does what I am writing about build up or diminish my personal or business brand?


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