An uphill and challenging lifeLet’s face it. Life isn’t easy. Try as we might to do everything right in life, we all come face to face with hardships, challenges, setbacks, heartache, disappointments, and even outright personal failure. It’s just how life is. No one is immune to it. No one.

Whether it is our own fault or the fault of someone else, things like these happen to everyone. The longer you live, the more you will experience them. Still with me?

Welcome. My name is David Ward and I know a little about this kind of stuff – first hand. Yes, I know. It’s not cool to admit failure, hardship, trials or that we feel overwhelmed and uncertain about our lives – especially in today’s ‘self-love’, ‘fake it until you make it’ culture we are living in. But let’s be real for a moment. Who hasn’t blown it at sometime in their life? The person who says they haven’t made a mistake or faced moral failure is living in self-deception.

For me personally, I’ve had my share of disappointments and betrayals in relationships. I’ve experienced setbacks and failures in business. In my opinion, I have had more of these than most people. And, before I go any further, I have a confession to make. Most of these things – these experiences in my life which have had a negative impact on my life – have been mostly the result of my own doing. Yep. I can’t blame anyone but myself for most of my struggles and failures in life.

I’ve failed or fallen short in all of the most important things in life – in relationships, marriage, parenting, and business – take your pick. I have blown it royally and like many of you who are reading this, I have my share of critics, skeptics, naysayers, and outright practical enemies (those who harbor resentment, unforgiveness and/or bitterness). Maybe you can relate to some of this. I think most people who are able to be honest about their lives can relate.

The Good News

The good news is that personal failure in life is rarely fatal. While there may be consequences to our mistakes, stupidity or outright sin and rebellion to God, life doesn’t end just because we’ve made a mess of our lives. There is always light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

No matter how unbearable life may get, no matter how discouraged you may become in accomplishing your goals, no matter how much your faith may falter while pursuing your dreams, and, no matter how hopeless you think your situation is, THERE IS HOPE and you CAN have the best in life that you were meant to have. You CAN experience spiritual, emotional, physical and financial success! Believe it.

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  1. Von Garrison

    How do you make any money on this site giving away so much of your information and expertise? It seems like you are wasting a lot of good opportunity to make money here?

    1. Thanks for writing Von. We believe knowledge and understanding are key essentials to individual and business success, and share these freely on a wide range of subjects that are all part of one’s overall success in life and online. I operate a coaching and consulting group that personally assist those who want to reach their fullest potential more quickly than they would going about it on their own. I do hope that if you like this site, that you will refer others to it whom you feel can benefit from it as you have. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Hello! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this blog. I will be coming back and aiming to learn more at this website. You could reach a lot more people if you had a translation tool for your site content.

    1. Thanks Karl, We appreciate your vote of confidence. Please let us know how we can help you when you are ready.

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